product details / scope of delivery

Standing height 1.50 or 1.60 m in connection
with pit length selectable at options.

Maintenance pit / Test pit
Double wall design

The double wall prefabricated pit includes

  • Top pit frame to accommodate covers
  • Beam in the head area to accommodate a pit jack with support system up to 15.0 t / a waste oil collector / or similar
  • Bottom grating in hot-dip galvanised grating design, slip-resistant R12
  • Optionally selectable are pit lanes, electric supply with sockets, pit lighting, compressed air supply, oil disposal, installation frames for roller test benches and axle play testers, rails for floor-running pit jacks
  • Pit bottom with slope to pump sump/drain
  • Piping forventilating prefabricated pit with central air outlet
  • Coating inside prefabricated pit: 2-component active primer / 2-comp. top coat in RAL 7040
  • End and side walls in double wall design for the on-site concrete filling acc. to construction stage description
  • Supporting feet incl. safety heavy-duty anchors for fastening the prefabricated pit on base plate

The prefabricated pit meets the requirements of
water protection acc. to WHG/VAwS (AwSV)/TRwS (779/785/786)
and the requirements of occupational health and safety
acc. to ArbSchG/BetrSichV (Germany)
Special TRUCKBAY payment terms:
50% down payment upon order placement
40% when ready for delivery
10% after installation

Production does not start until the installation drawing has
been approved and after receipt of the down payment.
All positions are net prices.


Sales documents

Technical Datasheet

Technical Data

Technical data:

opening1.02 m
pit width1.62 m
profileRoll cover
jack and support systemU 260
.designed as per SLW60, DIN EN 1991-1-1:2010-12
DIN EN 1991-1-1/NA:2010-12
DIN technical report 101:2009-03
and DIN 4085 supplementary sheet 1:2011-12
load60 t
load20 t